DVD Launch Of the Bengali Film Bapi Bari Ja

bapiFor the first time in Kolkata, launch of a Bengali movie DVD held at 37th International Book fair. The name of the movie is ‘Bapi Bari Ja’ a duo directional film by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy already hit the cinema halls and had got a craze in the young stars mind. To double the excitement level, officially the DVD launch of this movie was taken place at the Jalsha Movies stall or Star Jalsha stall. For this new inauguration, the Bapi Bari Ja team were present at the stall. The viewers had got the chance to see Tolly celebs like Mimi Chakravarty, Arjun Chakraborty,Anindya Chatterjee,Dhruv Lal and many more in the fair.

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